The Worst and the Best Shaving Creams

After you start to get a routine down with your shaving and other personal hygiene needs, you may discover that there are a few products that you simply can’t live without. Furthermore, there are certain brands within those products that you may learn work best for your skin, hair, and even body chemistry. Getting into this type of routine is not only convenient, but it is sometimes good for you. If you change up the products you use on a daily basis too often, it can very easily lead to drying out your facial hair, drying out your skin, making you break out in acne, or even having an allergic reaction. Obviously none of these are life threatening, but they can be painful, inconvenient, and embarrassing. It is always good to have backup products though. This is because sometimes your trusted brands may discontinue what you use every day or they may stop being your favorite for whatever reason. That is why it is good to know what to avoid and what to keep in mind as backup options for the best shaving creams.

The Worst

The worst shaving creams are the ones that contain any type of alcohol. Alcohol will dry up everything. This includes your facial hair and your skin, making them both sensitive and lackluster. It also makes any nicks very painful. Also avoid shaving creams that use artificial dyes. Some dyes are known to be carcinogenic at worst and cosmedogenic at best. Cancer and/or clogged pores are bad no matter what way you want to look at it. Sometimes the expensive designer shaving creams are also products you may want to steer clear from. Not only because many use alcohol in the scents that they add to the chemistry, but they are plain over priced as well. Many have the same ingredients as the cheaper creams found at grocery stores, but have a notable logo that makes them 10 times more expensive. Don’t fall for this trap.

The Best

When looking for the best shaving creams, look at the ingredient list first for what is inside. If you can pronounce it and understand it, then you are on the right track. Natural ingredients are much better for your skin and facial hair. These usually have a nice scent as well, so you won’t be sacrificing that aspect at all. These shaving creams are not just good for you, but they typically last much longer as well. This is especially true for shaving bars that are to be mixed with hot water with a shaving brush. It may look like a regular bar of soap, but it will have a much longer life than aerosol cans or small bottles of shaving cream.