Experience the Luxury of a Modern Barber Shop

When the cowboys of the old west would take their cattle to market, they would ride the dusty trail for weeks. After the cattle were sold and money was in their pocket, they would treat themselves to a nice hot bath and a good shave at the hands of an expert. Today you don’t have to be a cowboy and you don’t have to ride the trail for weeks before you can experience the luxury of a close shave at the hands of a skilled master when you visit a Pleasanton barber shop.

If you are tired of the make-up and the girly smells of a salon but you still want a professional haircut, it may be time to switch to a new location. When you enter an establishment created just for men but with an emphasis on luxurious treatment, you’ll find everything you are looking for. You can sit back and enjoy a great haircut without the what’s going on in reality television discussion. When you find a place caters only to men, the decor is masculine, the talk is masculine, and the overall feel is masculine.

After a precise haircut, treat yourself to a great shave at the hands of someone who does that for a living. Using only the best products and the correct techniques, you’ll find yourself with the closest shave and smoothest face you’ve had in long time. They can also help advise you on the right products and methods to get similar results at home. You may find that it only takes a little tweak to your daily routine and the right products for you to have professional results every day.

When you’re ready to ditch the salon but still want salon results in a haircut, it’s time to take a page out of the wild west and visit an updated Pleasanton barber shop. You’ll leave looking like a million bucks and, more importantly, after the luxurious but manly treatment, you’ll feel like a million bucks too. Isn’t it nice to know you can still experience luxury and pampering but feel masculine all at the same time? The right barber shop can do just that for you. Isn’t it time to put bring out your inner cowboy and visit one today?